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[streaming] Colorama – And

‘And’ is the first song to be released by Colorama since their last album, ‘Some Things Just Take Time’ in 2017. It sees the beginning (chronologically at least) of a … Continua a leggere

24 giugno 2020 · Lascia un commento

COLORAMA – Some Things Just Take Time (Wonderfulsounds, 2017)* Come per l’affinamento di un buon vino – anzi, visti tempi e provenienza, per la maturazione di un whisky – il … Continua a leggere

28 agosto 2017 · Lascia un commento

[streaming] Colorama – Gall Pethau Gymryd Sbel

Never has there been a better time to unleash Colorama’s new album upon the world. No less than 10 years in the making, Welsh singer-songwriter, music producer and multi-instrumentalist Carwyn … Continua a leggere

11 luglio 2017 · Lascia un commento