[video of the week] A.S. Fanning – All Time

Taken from the forthcoming album ‘You Should Go Mad’, available via Proper Octopus Records on November 13th, 2020.

Multi-instrumentalist A.S. Fanning – aka Stephen Fanning – returns with the release of his idiosyncratic new album You Should Go Mad, due for release on 13th November 2020 via Proper Octopus Records.

Fanning combines gothic, psychedelic and folk-rock sensibilities on the album in order to create a sound that is richly resonant and eloquently dark. Title track and upcoming single You Should Go Mad uses foreboding lyricism and layered sonic synth textures throughout, creating an assertively endearing sound as a result. Fanning’s impassioned baritone vocal soars effortlessly across the carefully crafted album, sounding instantly reminiscent of the likes of The National’s Matt Berninger or The Horrors’ Faris Badwin.

Talking about the album, Fanning explains, “it sort of hinges on the title track, which is a song about mental illness and anxiety. The title came from Moby Dick. There’s a section in it where Ahab is speaking with the blacksmith, Perth. Perth has had a lot of misfortune in his life but is a very stoical person. Ahab tells him ‘I am impatient of all misery in others that is not mad.Thou should’st go mad, blacksmith’. I found it a funny piece of advice; the idea that madness is somehow a beneficial choice, or preferential to internal turmoil. Or that the act of going mad is some sort of an exorcism. I think that idea ties the album together somewhat, in that it starts out with Worms, which is about a sort of existential dread and anxiety, and gets increasingly chaotic and agitated as the album goes on, but ends up resolving into something more reflective with All Time.”

Fanning is a singer-songwriter from Dublin currently residing in Berlin. He began this solo project in 2013 after the breakup of his former band, The Last Tycoons. Fanning released his debut album Second Life in 2017 and has already received support from the likes of The 405, Hot Press, Berlin In Stereo and JOE.ie to name a few, as well as BBC 6Music’s Steve Lamacq. He also performed at Austin’s prestigious SXSW festival in 2017. With You Should Go Mad, Fanning hopes to captivate listeners further with his eclectic blend of melancholic vignettes.




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