[video of the week] Josh Thorpe – The World

Taken from “Honey”, out now via Ur Audio Visual.
The musical materials of Honey are simple: guitars that lean sometimes to the smooth, sometimes to the skronky, a six-string electric bass that often doubles as a guitar, drums that lay down deep and sweet grooves, a few bits of ‘80s toy keyboards, and very unusual trombone part on “The World”. The lyrics, as always, explore images and spaces rather than narratives or arguments or identities.

Josh Thorpe is an artist and songwriter now based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Thorpe’s paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, installations, and public works have shown internationally at venues such as David Roberts Art Foundation, London; 3A Gallery, New York; Power Plant, Toronto; CSA Space, Vancouver; Museo Napoleonico, Rome; and Open City, Lublin, Poland. He has recently completed a large-scale public work for the City of Toronto.

In 2011 Thorpe was one of five artists nominated to the Sobey Art Award Ontario list and one of three finalists for the Toronto Friends of the Visual Arts Artist Award. He is also the author of Dan Graham Pavilions: A Guide, published by Art Metropole, The Unexpected, published by Swimmers Group.

Thorpe works at University of Stirling and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and has previously worked as a tutor and lecturer at OCAD U, University of Toronto, Glasgow Caledonian University, and Glasgow School of Art.




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