[video of the week] A Singer Of Songs – Tall Dreams

“Tall Dreams” is the first single of “Fading”, A Singer of Songs’ fifth studio album, out in September 2016 via Son Canciones.
Jonas Balmer made the video, based on the photos Rafa Arocha took during the recording of the album in Pastallé Sound.

“Tall Dream” has been featured as the latest “single of the week” of the radio show L’Attimo Fuggente.

A farm in the middle of nowhere, surrounded only by hills, horses and dry wind… That’s the place a Singer of Songs picked to record their fifth album “Fading” (Son Canciones, september 2016). Frank Rudow (Manta Ray, Suma, La Bien Querida) put wood on the stove and pushed all the right buttons. Lieven, Laura, Pau and Frank played the songs, sometimes wrapped in blankets to keep themselves from freezing. But it wasn’t the fire nor the flannel that kept the cold out… When the night gets really cold, only a song will keep you warm.

A Singer of Songs is no longer the solo project of a lonely Belgian in Barcelona as it was when it all started in 2008. Now Lieven Scheerlinck is now joined by Laura Räsänen (violin & vocals), Pau Julià (bass) and Frank Rudow (drums). In the past 7 years a Singer of Songs has toured the better part of Europe, playing in indie venues, living rooms, churches and any other place with people eager to listen. Their music has been compared by the press to Low, Sparklehorse and Vic Chesnutt. To snow flakes falling in slow motion and beautiful losers howling into the night.



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