[video of the week] Lia Pamina – Walking Away

Lia began singing after hearing her favorite singer, Astrud Gilberto, who, along with Claudine Longet, Margo Guryan and Blossom Dearie, influenced her vocal style. This single is one of those strange and random happenstances which results in little gems, in which the only motivation is a passion for music. Lia Pamina is a vocalist and songwriter from Castellón who previously released her songs online. That’s how her music found its way to the Texas songwriter, musician and producer, Robbie Leff (Johnny Winter, Alice Cooper, The Crabs), who suggested they record some songs over the summer via email.

The songs released so far by Castellon’s Lia Pamina have been marked by, on the one hand, the influences of female voices like Claudine Longet, Astrud Gilberto and Françoise Hardy, and on the other hand, collaborations with important song-writers and producers who have dressed her songs and lyrics. That’s what happened on her debut single with Robbie Leff (Johnny Winter, Alice Cooper, THE CRABS), Roger Gunnarson (Pushy Parents, The Garlands) and Le Prix (Pushy Parents, Kylie Minogue, Sally Shapiro). Her first full-length is sponsored by one of our most-loved names currently on Elefant Records’ roster: Joe Moore (The Yearning).

Lia Pamina’s voice and Joe Moore’s songs seem like they were destined to find each other. The sweetness and freshness of the former, and the imagination and fantasy of the latter, all poured into the evocation of a certain sound – music from the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s – where we follow them as they visit some of their favorite names, on an album that seems like it was conceived as a journey. Though this album is really conceived as a tribute to love.



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