[streaming] Eleanor Murray – This Grand Table

“This Grand Table” is the first track taken from “Compass”, the new album by Eleanor Murray, out May 4th, 2019.

Songwriter, producer and artist Eleanor Murray has spent the past twelve years creating and recording music out of the Pacific Northwest. Informed by folk tradition while adhering to no rules, Eleanor Murray’s music exists in a genre all its own. Her songs are often structurally complicated, while also sparse and open, full of warmth and light. Her chord progressions, rhythms and melodies draw as much from Appalachia as they do from jazz. Her lyrics are as cryptic as they are simple and straightforward. Each album’s sonic landscape is completely its own.

Eleanor’s music catalog includes eleven releases, seven of which under her own name, and the remaining four as collaborations. Since her debut album in 2008, Eleanor Murray has been making music that refuses to repeat itself. Her music has spanned from sweet folk ballads to raucous marches, while never feeling forced. It’s the sound of a sincere artist ever-evolving, never slowing down, always growing. Her hundreds of live shows have established her as a prolific force in indie folk music, while along the way gathering a dedicated fan base and sharing the stage with artists such as Tune-yards, Mountain Man, and Kimya Dawson.

Her albums have spanned a wide range of material and her collaborations extend this range even further. Eleanor is the front-woman and music producer of the electro-pop and dance project Cavegreen, along with lyricist Gianluca Bucci. Eleanor is also the other half of AANTARCTICAA, a haunting post-rock band with Ben Kamen, founder of Olympia Noise Co. And last but not least, Eleanor explored more traditional folk songwriting with fiddle player Pamela Margon, in their acoustic project Tattered Dress.



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