[video of the week] Jessica Risker – The Waves

The Waves is a sort of conversation with my self; more specifically, my inner state, of which I’ve long been at the mercy of high-highs and low-lows, but perhaps more recently leveled out, and recognizing the positive effects of this sort of inner stabilization.” – Jessica Risker

Jessica Risker, a musician and sound designer since her teens, embodies the dichotomous foundation that makes acid-folk so timelessly intriguing. “I tend to approach music from two different angles” she says of her process. “The first is just songwriting — melody, chord changes, lyrics — those basic elements. The second angle is more an exploration of sounds, with the idea that there are no constraints. It’s very much myself playing with recording. The idea is to create one big flow.” Tellingly, Risker released a mod tapestry of electric noise and rhythm titled Big Forever in 2016 before following her more delicate inclinations into what would become I See You… No matter where her music ventures, curiosity and experimentalism are clearly with her at all times.
It is also interesting to note that Jessica Risker is a former social worker and currently practices as a licensed counselor. If the throughline of all psychedelic music is that it casts an inward eye on the subconscious– and the symbols and emotions therein– then certainly a mental health care professional is equipped to convey what can be glimpsed in that space.



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