[video of the week] Nicolas Michaux – Harvesters

Belgian singer-songwriter Nicolas Michaux is sharing his new single, ‘Harvesters’, the first to be taken from his new album Amour Colere which is due for release in September 2020 via Capitane Records. The new album will trail Michaux’s 2016-released debut album A La Vie A La Mort.

Intimate and meditative, ‘Harvesters’, which was recorded and produced by Michaux with his long-time collaborator Morgan Vigilante on drums, chronicles domestic life and its relation to the cycles of nature and passage of time. As Michaux sings “got a child that I carry around in the tray of my barrow” and “you’re the richest soil I’ll ever sow”, he invokes romantic imagery of the organic, elemental and eternal.

The lush video for the single, directed by Michaux and Alessandro Bertoncini, was shot on the Danish Island of Samso where Michaux lives with his wife and daughter. Its grainy film quality paints a picture of domestic tranquility, natural beauty, and artistic freedom.

Speaking about the music and video, Michaux says: “Harvesters is the first song I wrote after arriving on Samsø, the Island where I reside with my girlfriend and our daughter. It was two years ago, springtime was burgeoning and I could feel a great relief being able to put my suitcases down after a few years of traveling; I was tired but was hoping for recovery and was determined to live a more simple life.”

“The song was a way to express love and gratitude to my family, a way to acknowledge the passing of time as well and to question the fate of a love story that has to go through a new phase. My propitiatory gift.”

“At the time, I was very interested in Ayurveda, the traditional Vedic biology, and its holistic views on life and the idea that we’re all a unique proportion of the same five elements that constitute the whole universe. The correspondence between macrocosm and microcosm must have played a part in the spiritual journey that lead me to write this song.”

Nicolas Michaux is both a singer-songwriter and music producer. Born and bred in Belgium he now divides his time between Brussels, where he is part of the musical collective Capitane Records, and Samso, where he tends his garden and writes his songs. Michaux sings in both English and French and his music stands at the crossroads of different traditions: the great era of the French “chanson”, the American songwriters, 60s British rock, and the early new wave. Still, he is guided by a distinctly personal spirit. His production style paints vivid sonic pictures rooted in an intimate knowledge of his instruments and the textures they evoke.



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