[video of the week] Fair Mothers – Harpy

“Harpy” is the new single from “In Monochrome” by Fair Mothers, out on Song, by Toad Records on August 14th 2020. Video directed by Adam Stafford.

“In Monochrome” is the second album to emerge from the Happiness Hotel recording sessions with Fair Mothers over the course of 2017 and 2018, following on from “Separate Lives”, released earlier this year.

Despite being lyrically more about hope and reconciliation, musically this is paradoxically both darker, more intense and experimental and yet also containing some of the most lush and beautiful songs to come from the entire project.

Our pals Faith Eliott and Dana Gavanski (vocals) and Pete Harvey (cello) are back, along with the wonderful Sam Mallalieu on drums and Esther Swift on harp. There’s even a guest appearance by old pal Johnny (Pictish Trail) Lynch (screaming).

Nobody got much guidance, I have to confess. Generally Kevin suggested something, like, say, harp, ‘might be quite nice’ and then I would sit in the Happiness Hotel with the musician in question until something sounded more or less right. Then I’d mix it and go back to Kevin with what we’d done and see what he thought.

On this album that resulted in Johnny and Faith screaming “we are mostly fucked” as loud as they could, Faith doing an entire harmony vocal take with absolutely no idea when they were supposed to come in with their parts, Esther playing four different harp takes of steadily increasing levels of lunacy, me trying to drunkenly hum cello parts to Pete down the phone outside the pub, and finally my own distorted contribution: “Ladies and gentlemen, the time now is seven pm… and we are mostly fucked.”


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