[streaming] Alex Dupree – I’m Gonna Make You Mine

This recording happened about a year ago, but the song idea had been bouncing around my head for years before that. It just took the right group of people to bring it to life (thanks Tiffanie for making that happen!) It’s a song about possession and fantasy—about love when it isn’t simple. The song is simple though, that’s what I like about it.

Alex Dupree is a musician and writer living in Los Angeles. In 2005, he made his first record with The Trapdoor Band on a cassette 4-track in Austin, TX. The band quickly grew and acquired a raucous live energy, and in 2007, Belle City Pop! released their studio follow-up, Las Meridanzas. During that time, Alex was touring with dear friends and label-mates Zookeeper (ex Mineral, Gloria Record) after playing DIY shows across the country with The Whiskey Priest and Balmorhea. Writing from those various travels coalesced into 2009’s Crown & Anchor, the last album with the Trapdoor Band moniker. After a move to northern New Mexico (and inspired by a tradition of psuedonymous songwriters) Alex began releasing new music as “Idyl”: Elements of the Field in 2012 and Loyalties in 2013.

By 2013, Alex was living in Houston and performing with the painter Bradley Kerl on drums. Once they’d done a few short tours together, they went into the studio with old Trapdoor Band-mates Aisha Burns, Rob Lowe, Sean Padilla, and Seth Woods to lay the groundwork for a new record. Alex moved to Los Angeles later that year to study poetry, but work on the new songs continued. The resulting album, You Winsome, You Lonesome, was released on cassette by Keeled Scales in 2017. Since then, Alex has supported The Shivers and A. Savage on short runs through New York and Texas. Meanwhile in Los Angeles, he kept busy with two new country music projects: Mister Paradise and Dawn & Dupree.




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