[streaming] Epilogues – The Gap

Taken from “Me” E.P., out now via  Tambourine Machine.

Epilogues was born in Norwich but grew up in quiet bedrooms across the UK. Established in 2011, the brainchild of Mikey Donnelly has its foundations firmly laid with his family in York, but has settled, for now, in Leeds. Whilst the band has undergone a few iterations, name changes, identity crises, and line-ups, what remains at its centre is Mikey. His fragile dreamo folk is vulnerable, atmospheric, and enrapturing. Hope, truth, and transparency run through each achingly personal song. Epilogues strives to be a small slice of solidarity; his performances are promises and prayers to be a better friend, a better brother, and a better man.

After fleeing an empty isolating apartment in the flatlands of East Anglia, into an empty isolating apartment in West Yorkshire, Mikey spent some time in our capital, always making sure to leave an often unnoticed legacy of humble performances and little musical victories. Epilogues has aired on Radio 6, courtesy of Lauren Laverne; toured the UK; crossed the Atlantic to play the West Coast of America; supported Billie Marten, Rachel Sermanni, and Aidan Moffat; and played in elkyn’s UK tour with LOVE. But his real success is in the intimacy of shared experience, communication and connectivity with audiences; in the the quiet shared clarity of people’s failings and feelings.

Epilogues’ next release will be the first in 7 years. Tambourine Machine, the record label of the inimitable Mark Gustafson, will release ‘me’ on the 20th of November. The first of 2 complementary and connected EPs, ‘me’ is an examination of falling short and failing, a meditation on self-medication and trying to mend. It finishes with the lead single, The Gap. A bridge track between EPs; an optimistic coda that aspires to more.

‘You’, the latter of the releases, is the redemptive counterpart to ‘me’. It is an exploration of hurting, healing, and having hope and faith fulfilled, and will be released in early 2021.



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