[video of the week] The Gabriels – Loose Canyon

‘Loose Canyon’ is the debut single from The Gabriel’s, a new band from the Midlands brought together through a shared love of melodic pop, jangly guitars and classic songwriting.

Featuring Gudg (vocals), Fran Feely (Bass), Leon Jones (Guitar) and Stuart Gray (keys).  The band have all known each other socially for years. Gudg and Fran had some songs and they asked Leon if he fancied adding some guitar and soon after Stuart jumped on board and The Gabriels were born.

‘Loose Canyon’ was recorded in 2020 to the obvious background of Covid. Gudg explains  “The song is about escapism, this year more than any we’ve all probably felt the need to escape.  As a band we love the 1960s Laurel canyon Scene and would have loved to be have been part of it. It was a time where it felt like anything could happen both socially and musically and as a band it’s a big influence on us”.

All band members have a musical history before The Gabriels. Gudg previously sang with Pallenberg, Fran previously played with Elefant Records act The Silver Factory,  Leon in Blow Up Records band Alfa 9, and Stuart in Fence Collective band Viva Stereo and Drone/Psych Band Children of Leir.

Taking in influences such as The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, C86, The Stone Roses and Teenage Fanclub as well as sharing a love for the 1960s Culture and soundtracks.

The band are currently recording their debut album and looking for options for release for the future.  Live gigs are also planned.

The single will be released on January 31st 2021 and also features backing vocals from Robyn Gibson from The Junipers and was Mastered by Ben Booker(The Fernweh/The Coral).



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