[video of the week] Sister Ray – Visions

Taken from the debut album “Communion”, out May 13th 2022 via Royal Mountain Records.

Sister Ray, the project of Edmonton-born songwriter, Ella Coyes (they/she) is today sharing their new single, “Visions” alongside announcing details of their debut album, “Communion” which is set for release on May 13 via Royal Mountain Records (Alvvays, Wild Pink, U.S. Girls). Coyes announced their signing to Royal Moutain Records last month with the first single, “Crucified”; they will support the “Visions” release with dates as part of SXSW Festival – a full run of North American dates are TBC shortly, these come off the back of previous shows opening for Julien Baker and Mount Eerie.

“Communion” is a raw, meticulously-crafted portrait of momentous, ordinary moments; experiences that define your past and instruct how you move through the world. It’s also a break-up album invested in exploring the motivations behind actions, rather than attempting moral judgment. It’s about “shitty shit” says Coyes. Backed by Ginla, the Brooklyn-based duo behind early Big Thief’s Adrianne Lenker and Lorely Rodriguez (Empress Of), Communion is anchored by guitar melodies that bear an undercurrent of turmoil and echoes with the wisdom of hard-won lessons.

The new single marks a poignant introduction to the forthcoming record demonstrating Coyes’ ability to write vulnerable yet powerful and highly emotive songs. Speaking about the track, Coyes says: “There’s this feeling when I’m dreaming that suddenly my body weighs a million pounds, and I can’t move or speak, it’s like I’m melting into mercury. It’s that moment when I finally see the door, and the handle comes into view that suddenly I am unable to move another inch. The door opens like that scene in The Simpsons where Bart goes to visit Mad Magazine in New York and the Twin Towers are still standing. But instead of a bunch of wacky cartoons, it’s just kind of sad, like what the receptionist told Bart would be inside.

So, I guess what “Visions” is about is feeling pissed and betrayed by something that was supposed to be beautiful and good.”




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