[video of the week] MYTBE – moody

South London’s MYTBE has shared a new single, ‘moody’. The earnest, lo-fi waltz is accompanied by an intimate, self-directed video that exhibits the intensity, ecstasy and desperation of new love.

The daughter of a jazz musician, MYTBE is an artist that values authenticity above all. Intent on dismantling the awkwardness surrounding intimacy, she shares the unfiltered parts of the human experience, the aspects that polite society brushes under the carpet. ‘moody’ is a perfect example of this. A song about how ravenous infatuation can make you overlook the most glaring of red flags. This song expresses how our primal desire to feel loved can throw all common sense out of the window.

Alluring and fragile, the song almost feels as if a sharp wind could displace it. Captured in a continuous take, MYTBE’s rich alto encapsulates the songs’ honest intent.

Speaking about the track, she said: “‘moody’ is about the human instinct of wanting to be loved, no matter the circumstance. Craving another’s affection; be it right or wrong. Ignoring all sense and your better judgement, to instead bask in the rose-tinted euphoria of new romance.

“I wrote this song about a recent brief romance, one which both parties both knew wasn’t going to last forever. Although the end was in sight, I still found myself drunk on affection and willing to overlook the red flags. Inspired by these feelings of blindsidedness, I was keen to capture the foolish notion of loving carelessly.”

‘moody’ is MYTBE’s first release since her 2020 debut EP, ‘spill out’. While the EP may have arrived into the world in a DIY manner, its exquisite sound still caught the attention of BBC Radio 6Music; with Marc Riley, Steve Lamacq, Tom Robinson and Chris Hawkins all playing tracks out from it. It also saw her land support slots alongside the likes of Poppy Ajudha, Billie Marten and Oscar Jerome.

‘moody’ is a tantalising glimpse into a new era for MYTBE. More offerings of this sonic evolution due in the coming months will illustrate her vision in vivid colour.




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