[video of the week] Lazzaro – Wide and Free

Taken from “The Inner Land is Wide and Free”, the first physical release of Belgian sound artist and songwriter Geraldine Vanspauwen, out October 25th 2022 via Bonambi.

With six tracks unveiling a rich and captivating soundscape, she is exploring the possibilities of the human body, together with its accompanying obstacles; finding a calmness and freedom inside of the wide and complex inner landscape as well as overpowering natural phenomena.
Being as much about her personal experiences and encounters with sound as about the wider nature of things, “The Inner Land is Wide and Free” hovers between minimalism and heavy sounds and emotion.
Ethereal yet sometimes very concrete vocal melodies shimmer through a more abstract and physical, instrumental world, at times cutting through everything, then again helping to reconnect.

“The Inner Land is Wide and Free” was entirely recorded at her home nearby Brussels, and further mixed and mastered by Christophe Albertijn. The 100 tapes are screen printed by Primeval Vision and come with a  hand-made booklet with lyrics and typography by Julien Vallet.

“Wide and Free” is the second single from the album, coming with a video made in collaboration with audiovisual artist Maan Methven.

Its image world alludes to trying to hold on to ideas, while eventually having to let go of the pre-fixed form. “Wide and Free” is about not always knowing what to look for, releasing resistance, and becoming aware of the intimacy and inner truths behind our skin.

Last year, Lazzaro played one of her first shows as a support act for Jessica Moss in Oslo, and will continue to play shows with a new live set from October onwards.




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