[video of the week] Sara Forslund – Did You Ever

Taken from Sara Forslund’s debut album “Water Became Wild” (2015).

Written / Directed by Elin Wramneby
With Isabel Lanzarotti

Sara Forslund (1981) was born in a small village called Borgvattnet in the northern part of Sweden. Borgvattnet is known for its haunted vicarage. At that time, Sara’s father Tore Forslund was the local priest and was nicknamed `The ghost priest´ after offering to relieve the village of its ghosts that were said to reside in the old vicarage…

Years later, even though Sara has moved on and is currently living in Stockholm, this is something that has undoubtedly shaped her somehow. She does not like talking of this past to much. She’d rather sing her melancholic songs that she has been writing ever since she was young. Over the last couple of years, most songs have found a way out through her Folk/Drone band Birch and Meadow. Birch and Meadow released their debut album “Butterflies And Graves” at Time Released Sound (USA) in July 2013. But in 2012 she visited a show of Glaswegian singer-songwriter Gareth Dickson that completely struck her and changed her path. The fullness of just one acoustic guitar, a story and low-voiced vocals was something that resonated deeply in Sara. His dreamful voice inspired her, so gentle one could hardly hear but rather felt it, like a sweet breeze passing by in the desert. Never too strong but always comforting. Something that was similar to the way Sara had been performing her songs, but somehow now everything fell into place. On top of that, Gareth also introduced Sara to Nick Drake’s music and just a few weeks later, “Water Became Wild” saw the light of day, which felt like coming home after a long period of drought.



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