[streaming] Dylan Mondegreen – Every Little Step

Dylan Mondegreen is a pseudonym for Norwegian recording artist Børge Sildnes. He has been releasing quality pop music since the mid-2000s and has acquired a very dedicated fan-base worldwide. His previous S/T album, released on Shelflife in 2012, was met with critical aclaim. Pitchfork has said “Indie-pop has entered its soft-rock phase and it sound pretty good” and AllMusic “likely one of the best singer/songwriter records of 2012, and most any year that came before.”

Although the new album sounds unmistakably like Dylan Mondegreen, the approach in the studio was quite different this time around. “The idea was to do it fast, mostly live in the studio, and to avoid many of the usual studio tricks. It sounds like a contradiction, but I like to to think of this as my punk album. Only it’s still pop music, recorded with nylon-stringed guitars, brilliant musicians and family-oriented lyrics,” describes Børge.

The intimate family life theme of the previous album continues on Every Little Step with his trademark lyrical melancholy against uplifting tunes. On the title track and first single, he sings: “How I wish you could have stayed here, to see her grow, let her know all the stories from my childhood, give us advice.” Børge explains “That song is about the beauty of seeing my daughter growing up, but at the same time missing my mother, who died not long before my daughter was born. That void in my life can never be filled, to see them get to know and enjoy each other.”

Dylan Mondegreen’s fourth album “Every Little Step” has just been released on April 8 on limited edition vinyl (with download), cd and digital formats.



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