[streaming] Luke De-Sciscio – Jessica

Raised in the Wiltshire countryside on the very edge of Stanton Park and later relocating to Bath where he spent two years living on a canal boat, singer/songwriter Luke De-Sciscio began writing and performing in his teenage years and has gained recognition for his candid lyricism and acrobatic vocal style.

Following an intensive year spent recording in near isolation De-Sciscio abandoned what would have been his debut studio album to begin writing the songs which would become Gossamer Rose. Stripped down to just a guitar and vocal this live album represented a return to simplicity. Though met with positive reviews and Spotify playlisted De-Sciscio has expressed his dissatisfaction with this record, calling it ‘a drunken and necessary evil…something to get me out of the slump I was in.’

Following Gossamer Rose De-Sciscio began home recording Meadow Queen Journey Moon Tied Blue on an old Tascam tape recorder, when interviewed De-Sciscio said that the lyrics for this album were distilled from ‘countless hours of automatic writing.’ A spontaneity which extended to the recording of the album with all but Infinite Lines being recorded sequentially in a single sitting.

Inspired by both Van Morrison and Talk Talk’s Mark Hollis, De-Sciscio has spoken frequently about his obsession with ‘the moment of creation,’ believing the first time an idea or lyric is sung to be the most perfect example of that idea. This philosophy took flight on 2017’s entirely improvised Moonraker EP.



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