[video of the week] Modern Studies – Disco

“Disco was filmed by Mario Cruzado, using the iconic Bernat Klein studio building in Selkirk designed by Peter Womersley. Later, animation was added by Cameron Duguid, playing with elements found in the studio’s late Modernist architecture and its decaying carapace. The building is in decline, with rust and lime-soaked puddles, algae and mould, warped windows and fallen leaves. Everything appears in stark contrast because of the the snow, which serves to highlight the play of horizontal and vertical lines, the occasional shock of unnatural colour, and the deteriorating surfaces in glass, wood-grained concrete, steel and brick. The film acts as a romantic homage to this beautiful building, where the architecture is the main character, with a glimpse of the band as they shift round it, barely there, as shadows or ghosts.” – Emily Scott, Modern Studies

“Disco” is taken from Modern Studies new album “Welcome Strangers”, released May 18th 2018 via Fire Records.



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