[video of the week] KERA – Vitamin T (Demo)

LA’s KERA (fka Kera & The Lesbians) have signed with the purveyors of exceptional songcraft at Mama Bird Recording Co. Earlier this year, KERA released a single with Devendra Banhart, “Bright Future Ahead”, in support of TransLifeline, which was featured at Pitchfork and SPIN. They’ve returned today with the video for the spaced out, doo-wop influenced (demo version of) their track “Vitamin T”. The video itself is a beautiful, ghostly black and white performance with Kera themself at the middle of it all. They stand amidst the apparitions of backup singers and floating hands to compliment the mesmerizing single. KERA’s work centers on resilience–the ability to see and accept change–and details the hurdles toward growth. Their songwriting is as personal as it is universal, trying to coax some meaning out of the human condition and allowing these experiences to give them a larger perspective on the intricacies of relationships–to ourselves, to others, and to the world at large. In their own words, Kera Armendariz says;

“’Vitamin T’ explores connection and the importance of accepting change in relationships. When I first began writing, I was thinking about the people I no longer speak to and how, at first, that separation caused immense pain and resentment in my heart. In time, I began to recognize there were reasons for this loss and changes I had to make; and now I’ve learned to view these experiences through a more compassionate lens. I wrote this song to honor my past relationships and to celebrate those that have given me the tools to identify the type of support I want to give and surround myself with.”



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