[streaming] Mare Berger – The Moon Is Full

Taken from “The Moon is Always Full”, out May 1st.

“The Moon is Always Full” is a song cycle for voices and string quartet, about the moon, loss, wholeness, and our interconnectedness. The song cycle is a reminder that we are always whole, even when we feel fragmented. We are always connected, even when we feel alone. We are always more than the phase we are in. Each piece is about the part and the whole, and how they both exist simultaneously. The music was written to help connect the severed parts within us, to connect to one another, and to the earth. This album will help foster connection and empathy in a very divided world, and remind us that we are interconnected. All the songs have sections for audience participation, lines like: “do we know, that we are, everything”, “let us remember, that we are already whole” and “even when we forget we are, we are.”

The songs have their own theme, but also carry the larger themes of interconnectedness, loss, and becoming whole. Even When We Forget is about how the moon is still full, even when it’s waning or we can’t see it. Step Away My Dear is a reminder to not get lost in the pieces, and to step back and experience the whole. Already Whole is about Mare’s nonbinary gender — “I am more than what you see,” like the moon is more than what it appears. “The Moon is Full” is about grief, letting go, and planting the seed for new life. You are Within is about helping strangers in need.

Mare is a teacher, gardener, activist, jazz-trained pianist/composer and singer-songwriter who has been playing the piano for 34 years and composing for 20 years. All the songs and orchestration are by Mare. The album features Mare Berger, voice/piano/guitar/compositions; Rebecca Sullivan, voice; Jean Rohe, voice; Ludovica Burtone, violin; Abby Swidler, violin; Joanna Mattrey, viola; Kristen Drymala, cello and Ilusha Tsinadze, guitar/voice.



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