[video of the week] Elvis Perkins – Anonymous

Elvis Perkins shares a new single, “Anonymous,” out via MIR/Petaluma Records. On the epic and swooning track, Perkins sings to a love that takes on many metaphoric forms before asserting, “I know who you are, but who am I?” — a question that feels both prescient and important, regardless of age. The video was shot by director Steven Sebring in New York City just weeks before lockdown. Perkins notes, “‘Anonymous’ has followed me around for some time now, sort of shadow-like, it seems we know each other quite well and hardly at all. I couldn’t say where all of its melodies came from. Out of some blue, from somewhere and/or ‘someone’ else. I feel this way a bit about Steven Sebring, who I hardly knew when I suddenly knew he was the sole soul to capture the phantasm and sprawl of the song. He is something of a white warlock (in black) it seems to me, with imagery at times liquid, solid and vapor all at once, perfect to approach and approximate form for the subject at hand. We opted out of treatments, plans and the like and just sort of walked unknowingly up to the void and said ‘hello, who and how and what are you?’ It of course only echoed the same in reply.”

Elvis Perkins has released three full-length collections of songs, two under his own name (Ash Wednesday (’07 XL Recordings) & I Aubade (’15 MIR) and one under the band name Elvis Perkins in Dearland (’09 XL Recordings). The band with whom he has toured extensively also released the six-track Doomsday EP in 2009 (XL).

In recent years Elvis has made two film scores: I Am the Pretty Thing the Lives in the House (Netflix, ’16) and The Blackcoat’s Daughter (A24 ’17). A soundtrack album for the latter was released via Death Waltz Recording Co. in 2017. His single, “There Go the Nightmericans” (’17), with the help of Revolutions Per Minute directs all proceeds to The Emergent Fund which supports communities most threatened by Trump administration policy.


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