[streaming] Pop Filter – Romance At The Petrol Station

The Ocean Party doesn’t exist anymore because one of its six members, Zac Denton, very sadly passed away. All other five members, including jangle pop hero Lachlan Denton and other Australian indie scene legends such as Liam Halliwell (Snowy) and Nick Kearton (Cool Sounds), are now Pop Filter.

Pop Filter began as a collective creative outlet, free from any preconceived vision or sound of what a band or album necessarily should be. A sort of experiment in pairing 10+ years of shared experience in The Ocean Party and its satellites with a completely blank slate, uninhibited by expectation. Naturally the group gravitated toward their ingrained pop sensibilities but with a newfound looseness and playfulness.

Avoiding the sterile consequences of over-refinement, ‘Banksia’, its debut LP, was largely written and recorded in a family holiday house in Broulee on the south coast of NSW, over the course of four days. Minimal takes, multiple songwriters / vocalists and an emphasis on spur of the moment performance give the album a distinctively raw character and encapsulates a very specific time and place.

Lachlan said about The Ocean Party: “we all just really like the idea of records being something of a snapshot of a period. Like, if we look back on any of our records we would be able to be like ‘okay that’s where we were at in 2014, that’s where we were at in 2015 musically’ as opposed to spreading a record out over three years. People change a lot in that time…So putting out everything that we do, I don’t know, I just really like that as a concept. It’s just fun.”

‘Banksia’, Pop Filter debut album, marks the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of the band members, while acknowledging their collective shared history.

‘Banksia’ will be out on August 21 in a very limited edition co-released between Spunk Records, Osborne Again and Bobo Integral.



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