[streaming] The Slow Summits – Safe And Sorry

“Safe And Sorry” is the first single from the forthcoming album by The Slow Summits, a four-piece pop band from Linköping, Sweden.

The song’s a jangly lamentation about the restless sense of living life in jogtrot. A life less extraordinary. A happy one. Yet the nagging feeling that some piece in the puzzle might be missing. No escapades. No risks. Never a challenge, but the one of living life in presence.

The Slow Summits are a bunch of stressed out middle class dreamers trying to write songs that will make the late washing up, the lawn mowing on rainy days, the ironing of non-iron shirts, the paying of past due bills and the early Saturday mornings in front of a telly showing people playing video games, a bit more jolly. Hopefully our songs will make you wonder, laugh, or nod in agreement. At best, they’ll be a momentary cure for the angst of everyday life, and will make you dance till your socks come off.

The songs aren’t extraordinary. The lyrics aren’t unique. However, they treat everyday life, its interactions, the shortcomings and dilemmas in ways you don’t hear every day. Humorous and honest. They’re songs in the key of midlife. They might come off as judgemental, sung from the backs of high horses, heckling to a point where Statler and Waldorf would have blushed. But the arrows are pointed just as much towards the band members themselves as towards anybody else.

For the Slow Summits the melodies are what matters, the guitars are necessarily jangly and the craftsmanship is scarce. In the words of Mark E. Smith; It’s a mistreating of instruments to get feelings over. Hopefully our songs will make you feel. If not elated, then a wee bit warmer inside. The Slow Summits are the long johns of pop. Some days you will need us.



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