[streaming] Sun Drift – So Close

Taken from the album “Lucky”, out November 13th via Bingo Records.

Sheffield-based musician and producer Zac Barfoot, who releases music as Sun Drift, is releasing his second album ‘Lucky’ via Bingo Records.

Spawned from songs written on a broken tape machine, ‘Lucky’ is an attempt by Barfoot to get away from the screen-staring, production-driven sound of earlier work and experiment with simpler instrumentation and song structures.

The end result is an album that showcases his knack for musical arrangement without any studio sheen to distract from the necessary elements of the songs.

Zac, who produces most of the records released by bands on the Bingo roster said: “A change of workflow seemed like a good idea in order to achieve something different.

“Although the album ended up being re-recorded digitally because of technical mishaps, the whole album’s arrangement and instrumentation was clearly set out from the demos I managed to finish in the analogue world.”

Ultimately ‘Lucky’ is an album where Barfoot, as Sun Drift, grows as an artist through limiting himself and his tools, finding beauty in restraint thanks to this process.




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