[streaming] Maeve Aickin – Harriet

Maeve Aickin is a seventeen-year-old singer/songwriter based between Mumbai, India and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her debut album, “Waiting Rooms”, will be released on November 13th through Corkscrew Records.

Maeve only came to music seriously two years ago when she was inspired to pick up her father’s acoustic guitar after seeing Julien Baker in concert. While she has harbored an intense passion for the written word since she was a young child, songwriting presented an opportunity to process and preserve experiences that she could not articulate without the advent of melody. As such, “Waiting Rooms” was largely written in the months preceding and following Maeve’s diagnosis with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, chronicling the ways in which illness impacts both the mundane and extraordinary aspects of life.

Despite the breadth of ideas explored throughout her record, Maeve’s songwriting has a precision and intimacy that is only extended by her vulnerable vocal takes.



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