[video of the week] Macie Stewart – Finally

From the forthcoming debut album by by Chicago-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, “Mouth Full of Glass” out September 24th on Orindal Records.
Video directed and Edited by Lia Kohl.

Written and recorded while  finding solace and strength in solitude, “Mouth Full of Glass” features eight  lushly arranged songs that search for the meaning of self within and without  partnership. The record explores loneliness as well as the growth and beauty  that blooms from within it – through creating it, Stewart reassesses her own  relationships in order to communicate with a singular voice.

Stewart began her musical career at the age of 3. Learning piano while she  learned to talk, she discovered two foundational modes of communication at  once. As the daughter of a career musician (pianist Sami Scot), Stewart was  encouraged to explore the piano and violin, and she became proficient on both  instruments. After helping to found the Chicago bands Kids These Days and  Marrow, Stewart broadened her interests and spent time in the avant-garde jazz  scene, performing regularly at Chicago institutions Constellation and The  Hungry Brain. It was in that scene Stewart distinguished herself as a go-to  collaborator, co-founding the band OHMME (with Sima Cunningham) and  performing and improvising with Ken Vandermark’s Marker ensemble, the  improvised act The Few (with guitar player Steve Marquette and bassist Charlie  Kirchen) and the violin/cello duo Macie Stewart & Lia Kohl. Stewart has also  spent years working as a string arranger, drawing on her varied background in  classical, jazz, and Irish folk music to create unique arrangements for artists  such as the band Whitney, SZA, V.V. Lightbody, Knox Fortune, and many  others.



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