[streaming] David Burnett – Picture Palace


“Picture Palace” is the first single from Madrid-based American singer David Burnett ‘s debut album (to be released February 18th 2022 via Son Canciones).

The song turns a simple daily scene – a boy invites a girl to go to the movies – into a timeless story, full of nostalgia and great promises (“I won’t always be working in a laundromat, eating beans from a can”). But not only is the story timeless, so is the music, a blend of David’s jazz and folk roots and his huge talent for writing the catchiest pop tunes. It’s the kind of melody your parents would listen to on Sunday mornings while making breakfast. The end of the “Picture Palace” protagonist’s plea may well apply to David Burnett himself: “I’m destined for glory, but it won’t be the overnight kind.”

Eleven years ago David Burnett left his native Phoenix, Arizonafor a small town near Granada, drawn to the stillness andbeauty of Andalusia. However, the silence quickly turned into ablack hole, and David decided to trade the peace of thecountryside for the hustle and bustle of Madrid. It was there,with his newfound anonymity, that he was able to begincollecting the many stories transpiring all around him.

Because David Burnett is a musician, yes. But first and foremosthe is a storyteller. But not only the words sound eternal. So doesthe music. “Picture Palace” sounds like the songs your parentslistened to on Sunday morning while preparing breakfast,timeless tunes that seem all but indestructible. It will remindmany of the hits of the ’60s written in the Brill Building, JamesTaylor and Paul Simon. If you ask David he will also mention NickDrake, Martin Simpson and Laurel Canyon. He will tell you abouthis childhood dedicated to the saxophone and jazz, about his adolescence full of Americana.



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