[video of the week] Moira Smiley – Meeting Is Over (feat. Piers Faccini and Seamus Egan)

“Meeting Is Over” is a stripped-down, acoustic anthem that celebrates the cycles of life and death, endings and renewal, farewells and reunion. A perfect song then to bid farewell to 2021 and to look forward to new horizons in 2022. This release is a cross-continental collaboration between two soulful and expressive singer/songwriters, Piers Faccini (France) and Moira Smiley (USA). Both artists are well known for partnering with many leading musical lights – Smiley with Tune-Yards, Solas, and Sam Amidon ; Faccini with Ben Harper, Camille, and Don La Nena. Meeting Is Over is an old American song about “meeting on the other shore”. Driven by Smiley on the banjo with Faccini on guitar and the West African guembri, the single also features Irish multi-instrumentalist Seamus Egan on guitar. The haunting and yet comforting harmonies reflect on goodbyes with those we love the most—the ebb and flow of togetherness that life presents.

This arrangement started with me making the rolling, hypnotic banjo part while I was singing the song in 2020. Seamus and I sat down to play one night, and he found a guitar part that fit to the banjo like a glove. We sent these sounds to Piers and he sent a treasure chest of instrumental and vocal sounds back from his recording studio in France. I put it all together and finished it with my longtime collaborator, Dave Weber of Airtime Studios. This is how I want to cross over into the new year – holding memorial for the farewells and preparing to arrive on new ground. The video came together quickly when I encountered my friend’s storybook-like boat on our nearby Lake Champlain. With the deft, musical video editing of longtime collaborator, Ben Guzmán, we told this story of intimacy on the journey as inspired by two of my favorite films, ‘Roma’ and ‘Babette’s Feast’. And a little history…I learned this old Appalachian, ‘camp meeting’ song when I was 10 or 11 years old, and wow, was it the perfect song for a kid to learn about life’s cycle of sadness and reassurances with verses of goodbye and choruses of ‘…we’ll land on the shore and be safe forevermore’. I believe my version is tied to the early 1960s field recording of singer, Buna Hicks in Beech Mountain, North Carolina via the Amidon family.



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