[streaming] Kyle Morgan – Ransom The Captive Heart

Taken from the album “Younger At Most Everything”, out February 25th 2022 via Team Love Records.

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kyle Morgan grew up in central Pennsylvania, where he spent countless Sunday mornings amidst the broken strains and coffee breath of his church congregation. His first record, Starcrossed Losers, became the alias under which he would go on to release two more, Bind Us Anew and Strange Hesitations, each featuring his distinctive conglomeration of Americana styles, from stripped-down acoustic ballads and love-lorn parlor laments to roaring alt-country and throwback 60’s rock’n’roll.

About the track: “I wasn’t really sure what “Ransom The Captive Heart” was all about while I was writing it.  More than subject matter or meaning, it was language and the sounds of words that guided me through its composition.  I often find that without some concrete piece of reality or experience anchoring me in the songwriting process, my mind unconsciously gravitates back to the Christian mythology I was reared on and which I’ve spent most my adult life alternatively running from and returning to in dizzying pendulum motions.  Listening now, I hear a song of resignation, a recognition that the constant striving to attain redemption, salvation, enlightenment (whatever you call it) is the very thing keeping me from the freedom I long for.” – Kyle Morgan




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