[video of the week] Wyldest – Hungry for You to Know

Wyldest has shared her new single ‘Hungry For You To Know’ via Hand In Hive (TV Priest, Divorce, Blackaby). It is the fourth and final track to be taken from her new album, ‘Feed The Flowers Nightmares’, which comes out on September 9th. It also follows a recent run of intimate solo slots at this year’s Glastonbury Festival and comes alongside confirmation of her UK headline tour this autumn.

‘Hungry For You To Know’ is one of Wyldest’s most sophisticated musical exports to date. Previous single releases ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’, ‘Abilene’ and ‘Tin Foil Girl’ have garnered praise from the likes of BBC 6Music, Clash, Dork, DIY, Notion, The i Newspaper and more.

Delicately structured with finesse oozing at every turn, poetic lyrics shine through amidst acute chord progressions and ultra-neat layers of golden instrumental textures. Self-preservation – a theme echoed throughout Wyldest’s upcoming album – is at the core of this latest track, which elegantly illustrates the fine balance between maintaining healthy relationships with other people.

Speaking about the song and its video, Wyldest says: “Human relationships are kind of like a game of tug-of-war; sometimes you’re pulling, sometimes you’re being pulled.

“We’re all just looking for other people who make us feel good. But in return (to maintain a healthy relationship) we need to be able to give back and be aware when we are not holding our end of the bargain.

“‘Hungry For You To Know’ is about caring for someone, but needing to push them away to ensure you’re not being pulled out of your own lane and can keep focussed on your own world. It can be deemed as selfish, but sometimes it’s important to prioritise yourself for the benefit of you and others.”

The accompanying video, directed and animated by Tom Gaiger, is just as endearingly fluid as the track itself. Seamless animations correlate with Wyldest’s lyrics to a tee. Its black and white colour palette matches the track’s soft soundscapes and a spinning totem brings a mysterious aura to the video’s conclusion.




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