[video of the week] Quentin Sauvé – Horizon

“Horizon” is the first single of Quentin Sauvé’s forthcoming album to be released in Spring 2023 via Hummus Records (Switzerland) in collaboration with Luik Music (Belgium) and Bright Colors (France).

Alongside his post-hardcore band Birds in Row, of which he is the bass player, and following his first solo album “Whatever It Takes”, Quentin Sauvé delivers a new indie pop folk track retracing his last three years of uncertainty (recorded by his brother Amaury Sauvé & Etienne Clauzel at the Black Box Studio near Angers (FR)).

Influenced for his band Birds in Row by Noise & Hardcore bands like Refused & Converge, Quentin Sauvé decided for his solo project to lower the volume with intimate indie folk compositions between artists like Bon Iver, Half Moon Run,  Grizzly Bear or Big Thief and the solo efforts of artists with a more heavy background like Louis Jucker (Coilguns), Dallas Green (City and Colour) of Alexisonfire, Jonah Matranga (Far) or David Bazan (Pedro the Lion).

About “Horizon”:
This song is more abstract than what I usually write.I tried to put my own words on everything that happened these three past years, and how it has left us with this disappearing horizon to look at, without knowing how far it will go, how long it’s gonna last. It was only getting worse, affecting relationships, mental and physical health, and also the passion I have for what I do. Because sometimes it just felt like « what’s the point in even trying? ». But obviously I didn’t give up, as we’re releasing this song now. So for the video I wanted to free myself from this feeling, I wanted to escape and dance my pain away.

More about the video: We had a 15min window where the light was perfect to make this single shot. We did it very spontaneously, just my friend Sofian and I, during a freezing-cold late-November day. It’s pretty straight forward but really fits what I wanted to express with the song. This desperate need for freedom.




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