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[streaming] Great Horned Owl – Let’s Move To The Coast

Great Horned Owl‘s first release in over three years, “Let’s Move to the Coast” is the first single from the album Longyear, coming Spring 2020. Vanderson Langjahr is a multi-instrumentalist … Continua a leggere

15 febbraio 2020 · Lascia un commento

[video of the week] DG Solaris – Feeding A Feeling

DG Solaris is the new project by Danny Green (aka Laish) and his wife, LG. It means ‘of the sun’. Just returned from six months in the South American jungle … Continua a leggere

10 febbraio 2020 · Lascia un commento

[streaming] Good Good Blood – Say Goodbye

Taken from “At Your Mercy” by Good Good Blood, to be released January 24th 2020 via Team Love Records. Good Good Blood is James Smith: husband, father, singer, songwriter, and … Continua a leggere

12 novembre 2019 · Lascia un commento

MR MAGPIE – The Magical World Of Mr Magpie (Self Released, 2019) Una connessione immediata è suscitata dal nuovo duo Mr Magpie, risultante dall’incontro tra due sensibilità tanto peculiari da … Continua a leggere

3 ottobre 2019 · Lascia un commento

THE CATENARY WIRES – Til The Morning (Tapete, 2019) Le canzoni di “Til The Morning” possono fungere da valida dimostrazione di come i contesti e i momenti della vita nei … Continua a leggere

5 settembre 2019 · Lascia un commento

[streaming] Mr Magpie – Bulrushes

“Bulrushes” is the opening track of “The Magical World of Mr Magpie”, the first release by Mr Magpie. Mr Magpie is many things: a talking bird, a time-travelling mystic, and … Continua a leggere

4 settembre 2019 · Lascia un commento

[streaming] August And After – The Looking Glass

New single by August And After, in anticipation of an EP to come out later this year. Built on a close friendship between singer-guitarists Ned Mortimer and Vedantha Kumar, August … Continua a leggere

21 giugno 2019 · Lascia un commento