[streaming] The Rabbitts – This Time Last Year

‘This Time Last Year’ is the first song of twelve which The Rabbitts are releasing on the last day of each month in 2021.

The Rabbitts are a couple in love; two travellers with a passion for music. Their songs are acoustic at heart, but experimental in nature; they challenge their listeners to follow them to new and undiscovered places. Sharing the role as lead vocalists their creative harmonies nest perfectly in a bed of acoustic instruments. Lucy has a unique mandolin style which is complemented by Odhran’s imaginative finger-style guitar arrangements. Currently The Rabbitts are working on new music with a new single to be released on the last day of each month in 2021.

The pair entered their 20s having never performed, individually or as The Rabbitts. In fact, the pair entered their 20s believing that ambitions to build a career in music were completely unrealistic. This all changed when they wrote the song ‘Avocado Ginger Tree’ in 2016, and realised they had something unique to share with the world.

In 2017 the couple moved into their van to save up for the recording of their debut album ‘Tall Pines & Tangled Vines’, which was released in 2018. The album was quickly picked up by playlists on Spotify, gathering more than 70,000 streams on the platform. This attention did not go unnoticed and the album received multiple positive reviews in online blogs.

In December 2019 they self-produced and recorded an EP entirely in their van whilst travelling. This proved difficult – all the noises that the human brain typically filters out became frustratingly obvious. Working around the rain (incredibly noisy on a van roof) during the wettest months of the year was extremely limiting when combined with the search for locations away from the roaring sound of traffic. However, they did have success in Norfolk and South Wales before travelling along the southern coast of Ireland and spending time on a farm in County Kerry. The songs delved deeper into previously explored themes of love and the natural world, but with a psychedelic twist. It was self-released on the 25th of September 2020 and has since been featured multiple times by the BBC on radio shows including; Sue Marchant’s Folk Show (BBC Cambridge), Afternoons With Stephen Bumfrey (BBC Norfolk), as well as the Introducing show on BBC Radio Norfolk which awarded the single ‘Blue Echo’ record of the week.



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