[streaming] Our Man In The Field – Easy Going Smile

Our Man In The Field release their debut album “In The Company of Strangers” on the 25th September 2020 via Rocksnob. Think of Our Man In The Field – AKA Alexander Ellis – as an independent correspondent, with his works dispatches from his travels:

“From the very beginning we wanted to record this album live. I’ve always felt playing and singing at the same time just sounds better. It creates some kind of magic that tracking separately doesn’t always have. The music I listen to most; Neil Young, Van Morison, the Allman Brothers, Wilco and Tom Petty is made that way, or at least the best parts seem to be. I’m lucky to play with some of the finest musicians around and we tested it both ways – live always had it.

I used to think the songs were about other people and that allowed me to write quite freely. Maybe all songwriters think like that. I’m sure we all put plenty of ourselves in there as well. I believe people want something true, something authentic, I know I do, so try to write and sing as honestly as possible.

The album is expertly produced by Jim Wallis, an engineer and producer out of Bella Union and multi-instrumentalist (My Sad Captains, Me For Queen, Still Corners, Modern Nature). Jim enquired about recording plans after catching Henry Senior and I playing a show in London and we quickly built an understanding of the vision we had for the songs. We pulled together to record the songs in the live room at The Rattle in London’s Tobacco Dock.

Not everyone thought recording live was the way to go and a lot of people advised it would be too difficult and not worth the trouble. I’m pleased to say it was definitely worth the trouble.

So here it is, a band in a room playing songs together. I hope people enjoy this record as much as we enjoyed making it.”




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