[video of the week] Stefano Guzzetti – Mother

Taken from the album “Leaf”, out January 21st on P*Dis (exclusive for Japan), March 5th (digital via Home Normal) and March 15th on Stella Recordings (cd) and Brooklyn Bridge Records (lp).

Gianluca ‘Marjani’ Marras. Story, script, direction and illustrations
Giovanni Pintus. Direction, editing, animations and post-production

“Leaf” is the new work by Stefano Guzzetti and it’s inspired by one of the most common things we can find in everyday’s life.

Seen from a distance, a leaf is just a little piece of green; small and unrelevant like one of the thousands days of an entire life. But if we get closer and pay more attention, a bigger world will disclose to us, revealing inner structures and paths, some wider and strong, some others thin and frail. Like our everydays actions and events we stumble on. Everything could happen in a sudden, making us realize we’re nothing compared to nature’s plans. In the end we’re little delicate things. Like leaves.

“Leaf” is for piano and different ensembles. It has been produced in mid 2014 and has been tracklisted by Ivo Watts-Russell.

The Japanese version of “Leaf” will be exclusively licensed to P*Dis / Inpartmaint Inc. while the EU and USA editions will be released by Stefano Guzzetti’s own imprint, Stella Recordings, and digital with Home Normal.

This album is the first work by Stefano Guzzetti that will start his publishing relationship with Mute Song Ltd.



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