[streaming] Katy Kirby – Glow

Katy Kirby is somethin’ real rare. Not just in relation to her pure voice, or true skill with words, but in a very now-specific way: Katy Kirby, somehow, in 2016, has figured out how to write a love song both fresh and authentic.

Kirby released a three track EP aptly and simply named “3” in mid 2015, but it just got over to our ears about a month ago, and it is without question one of our bigger misses of last year. This is a strong piece of recording, the kind of single-person guitar-heavy folk that can only come from an obviously young, obviously flipped-on young person that hits their musical stride at just the right age to capture that elusive something, as wild as it is sad, that only the youth ever have captured in folk. Often someone this age, and this hip to modern sounds, writes folk that’s indulgent and immature in its approach, not knowing the history of its genre enough and wanting to be taken too seriously. But not Katy Kirby. You can take her seriously right now. She’s got the stuff, and she’s using it right.

Free/name you price download: https://katykirbyon.bandcamp.com/track/glow




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