[streaming] Kramies & Alma Forrer – Into The Sparks

Once upon a time there was a wonderful songstress named Alma who lived in a beautiful land called Paris. Very far away, up high in the mountains lived a quiet troubadour named Kramies. One day as Kramies was walking through the woods he started to sing a mysterious song. As she was sitting in her garden all those miles away, Alma also started to sing a mysterious song. That fated day, their voices traveled across oceans, over small towns and through dark green forests to meet…. and when they finally collided, they created an ethereal, beautiful new song… A song called “Into The Sparks”.

Dutch-American singer-songwriter Kramies has been honing his inimitable craft for many years, bewitching all who have heard his music along the way. Fusing masterful songwriting with electronics and atmospherics, stepping into a Kramies song means being swept up into an emotionally resonant vortex of swooning pop that simply demands repeat listens.

“Into The Sparks” is featured as the current “single of the week” of the radio show L’Attimo Fuggente.



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