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[streaming] Symbion Project – Stainless Endless Radiance

A charming, syncopated song featuring the lovely vocals of Briana Marela. From the upcoming Symbion Project album “Arcadian” to be released on 9/9/16.

For the last 20 years, Symbion project has been electronic music endeavor of Kasson Crooker. During that time, he founded the synthpop band Freezepop, was a member of the electronic rock trio Splashdown, wrote a bunch of music for videogames (FreQuency, Amplitude, Rockband, DDR). The sound of Symbion Project is dark and haunting downtempo and features a large collection of vintage analog synthesizers. Symbion Project is very inspired by the artists Massive Attack, Depeche Mode, Wendy Carlos, Vangelis, Air, and Erik Satie.



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