[streaming] Selfoss – Sniper

Selfoss is a dream pop trio from Toronto called Selfoss. Incorporating instrumental soundscapes, and interwinding dreamy vocal melodies, we aim to take the listener on a journey. Their new single “Sniper” starts with a hip-hop beat, flows into the world of dream pop, and ends with an almost classic rock and roll outro, where loud guitars take over synthesizers that had driven the song up to that point.

It’s the classic love song. Despite being called “Sniper”, the song takes a listener through a spiritual journey in search of love and happiness. Just like a trained sniper takes their spot and waits for days to take the perfect shot, the song touches on the subject of loneliness while waiting for the perfect person. We let so many opportunities for love and happiness go by waiting for that perfect person. And when the chance to meet that person presents itself, just like a sniper, we have one shot to capture the moment and make that person ours.



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