[video of the week] Modern Cosmology – C’est Le Vent

Modern Cosmology is the new project from Laetitia Sadier with the Brazilian group Mombojó.

Laetitia Sadier is still making great collaborations all over the world, broadening a songbook that is more and more complex but always highly beautiful.
But this collaboration with the Brazilian group Mombojó, which is what finally brought about this new group called Modern Cosmology, is different than the rest of the collaborations in a lot of ways. And in order to tell you how this 1000-copy numbered-limited-edition 10” vinyl EP called “Summer Long” came about requires putting several things into context.

Mombojó started in 2001, in Recife (Pernambuco, Brazil). In 2002, they were already one of the big names on the line-up of the 10th edition of Abril Pro Rock. In 2004 they released their first album, “Nadadenovo”, which garnered attention for its influence from the mangue bit movement that started 10 years earlier. In 2006, after signing with the Trama label, they released “Homem-Espuma”. The band won two APCA (Asociación Paulista de Críticos de Arte) awards – in 2004, as the best band in Brazil, and in 2006 as the best album of the year (“Homem-Espuma”). Four years later, they returned to the indie world and released “Amigo Do Tempo”, and then the following year they released a commemorative album for the group’s 10th anniversary called, “11º Aniversário”, in which the band re-recorded some of their work and hadNação Zumbi as guests playing “Justamente”. They collaborated with people like Tom Zé,Fernando Catatau and Andreas Kisser, among others.

In 2012, our story begins. Laetitia Sadier performed in Brazil and met the band members. In a night of tug-of-war with English, the guys from Pernambuco, irredeemable fans of STEREOLAB, pulled a copy of “Homem-Espuma” – their hardest-to-find album – out of their hat (many still say they don’t know where it came from), and gave it to Laetitia to seal the night of magical encounters. Two years later, social media did its thing and worked as a means for the French singer to get in touch with MOMBOJÓ again, and offer them the possibility of singing on one of her songs. The first result, made long-distance, is that dystopian bossa-funk song “Summer Long”, which was released on the Brazilian band’s 2014 album, “Alexandre”.

But it didn’t stop there. There is a special connection between them and a two-week artistic residence in a small house at the Aldeia borough of Recife, was proposed. They took Laetitia there to submerge her in a Brazilian musical environment. Avoiding the cold studio environment, they spend two weeks interacting and communicating and this brought about, almost three years later, the appearance of “Summer Long”, the EP.



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