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[video of the week] Twilight Fields – When I Saw You

This is a song from “Our Time Is Now”, released Feb. 2018.

“Our Time Is Now” is the third album of original music by Twilight Fields of North Bay, Ontario, Canada. This is the song-based project of Allister Thompson (known in ambient music circles as The Gateless Gate).

Twilight Fields’ music is very much a throwback to the spiritually intense days of “big music”, when bands like The Waterboys, The Church, and Big Country weren’t ashamed to try to make philosophical statements with their music.

This particular album mainly deals lyrically with the importance of and our need for unconditional love to navigate sorrow and loss in an increasingly confused world, whether it’s love between partners, siblings, parent and child, or human and other beings and the natural world.

It combines elements of the gentle psychedelia of late sixties/early seventies Beach Boys with influences from Kiwi and Aussie pop (The Go-Betweens, Crowded House), the smarter end of Brit-pop (James, Doves), and classic seventies singer-songwriters, along with sonic touches from post-punk, psych, post-rock, shoegaze, dream pop and progressive rock.

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