[streaming] Young Scum – Wasting Time

“Wasting Time” is the opening track of the self titled mini album by Young Scum, out on cassette via Citrus City Records and on vinyl via Pretty Olivia Records.

Young Scum is a jangle pop fun from Richmond, VA, made by Chris Smith (vocals, guitar), Ben Medcalf (guitar) and Brian Dove (bass).

Getting old is inevitable. And in the latter half of your 20s, it begins to finally set in. things that you once enjoyed now seem like a waste of time, a reminder of how little time you have. Young Scum’s self-titled debut LP delves into that melancholy feeling of losing time and how to hold on to the people and memories that make everything worth it.

Sharing the same power poppy jangle of their previous EP ‘Zona’, this 8 track album further showcases Young Scum’s ability to craft pop songs that have you dancing along and then maybe shedding a tear afterward. Songs about losing friends, having shitty jobs, freaking out about your future, and of course wasting time.



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