[video of the week] Botschaft – Sozialisiert in der BRD

“Botschaft” the name of the band has two meanings in the german language, it could be “the embassy” or just a “message”.

Botschaft is a bandproject from Hamburg and Berlin with members of The Robocop Kraus, Station 17 and Tusq. Their 2nd 7″-Single A: “Sozialisiert in der BRD” B: “Daseinszweck” (KUS 017) is brilliant sophisticated pop with shimmering guitars, synthie-soundscapes and cool vocals. The sound of Botschaft has also elements of great ’80s pop bands like Prefab Sprout, The Wake or New Order and german bands like Blumfeld with a little coldness of german Kraut & Ambient artists and critical lyrics.
“Sozialisiert in der BRD” (“Socialized in the BRD”) will be released on September 14th in a limited edition of 200 on black vinyl with an extraordinary sleevedesign and two different versions of the sleeve.

The band will release an album early 2019 on the Hamburg based label Tapete Records.

This is the statement from Malte Thran the singer/songwriter of Botschaft to the song “Sozialisiert in der BRD”:

“The song which can be translated as “Raised in (West-)Germany” is meant as a radical criticism of growing up in democratic capitalism. It is characterized as a process of adaptation in which the young “citizen” not only is taught a calculating use of mind but also to internalize all the external dutys it has to obey: identity-making. Everyone is sorted into an educational hierarchy by schools, later a hierarchy of careers, and instead of stating the powerlessness of beeing sorted into this useful life (useful for the state and the capital), the sucessfully socialised individuals construct a rather stupid contradiction: they try to see “chances” for them selfes in living situations which are full of forced conditions.”




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