[streaming] Faith Eliott – Lilith

“Lilith” is the first single from Faith Eliott‘s forthcoming debut album

“Impossible Bodies”, which will be released on OK Pal Records April 19th, 2019.

The concept behind the record came about via their interest in medieval bestiaries, which are illustrated compendiums of animals. Each entry in a bestiary depicts an animal and is accompanied by a meaning or a lesson that it represents. The album is based on the same framework, so each song is symbolised by a different creature.

According to folklore, Lilith is the first wife of Adam before Eve. The story goes that she refuses to be subservient to Adam and is banished from the garden of Eden, returning later as the snake who tempts Eve. Faith explains: “I was inspired to write the song after a visit to a reptile petting zoo… seeing all the snakes in glass boxes. The lyrics chronicle an explosive escape in which the snake I call Lilith breaks free from the petting zoo and spirals off into space as the world crumbles and burns behind her. It’s a song about feeling captive in an identity, specifically as a woman, but also more generally as a body.”

Faith Eliott (who uses the pronouns they & them) grew up in Minneapolis, MN and relocated with their family to Scotland aged 13. After moving to Edinburgh in 2006, they quickly became immersed in the city’s DIY music and visual arts scene. Faith pursued a variety of different visual media, including puppetry and animation until eventually attending Edinburgh College of Art to study Sculpture. During this time, Faith also sang with an assortment of different bands and alternative folk outfits, but it wasn’t until graduating in 2014 that they decided to pick up the guitar and pursue their own songwriting.

Faith’s first EP “Insects” was released on Song By Toad Records in 2016. Those songs were mostly inspired by a three month artist residency in rural Nebraska. It was received to critical acclaim, played on BBC 6 Music, and the single “Pyrite Ammonite” was included on Steve Lamacq’s ‘BBC Recommends’ playlist.



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