[video of the week] Moddi – Little By Little

New single by Moddi.

Pål Moddi Knutsen is a Norwegian musician and author. His music has been described as a blend of folk music and pop, although he refers to himself as a singer and storyteller. Moddi is also widely recognised as a political and social activist.

The first release under the name of Moddi was recorded in 2007 and distributed in 20 home-made copies. Later followed the debut album Floriography, recorded with producer Valgeir Sigurðsson in Iceland and containing songs from Knutsen’s period in Nature and Youth. Q magazine described the album as “irrevocably heart-warming and beautifully constructed piece of melancholic folk-pop”. On his second album, Moddi presented the single House By The Sea, his best known composition to date.

The same year saw the release of Kæm va du? (“Who were you?”), with lyrics borrowed from the Northern Norwegian poets such as Arvid Hanssen, Helge Stangnes and Ola Bremnes. The album also included the single Togsang, a reinterpretation of Vashti Bunyans 60s cult hit “Train Song”. Bunyan later commented that Moddi’s was her favourite cover version of any of her songs. Kæm va du? won the Spellemannprisen award for “Folk Album of the Year”.

In 2016, Moddi released his fourth studio album, Unsongs, consisting of Moddi’s reinterpretations and translations of banned and censored songs from 12 different countries. Among the artists included on the album were Pussy Riot (Russia), Izhar Ashdot (Israel), Mari Boine (Norway/Sápmi), Liu Xiaobo (China) and Kate Bush (UK). Following the release, Moddi published the book “Forbudte sanger” (Forbidden songs) where he described a number of attempts to hold back the songs on the album, among others by Russian and Lebanese authorities, and by the British public broadcaster BBC



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