[streaming] Jim Perkins – Held

“Held” is the opening track and first single from “Pools”, releases October 3rd 2019 via Bigo & Twigetti.
Composed, recorded and produced by Jim Perkins
Clarinet and bass clarinet – Katy Ayling

The track exploits simple instinctive harmonic lines and strong dynamic contrasts to bring out powerful clashes between the overtones in each of the four clarinet parts. The sound is further enhanced through re-amping and use of tape delay to create a piece which is both reflective, meditative and powerfully moving.

“Pools” is British composer Jim Perkins’ third album and has been described as having a discernible source of inspiration that unfolds in a series of variegated expressions and tributaries. A classically trained musician, Jim draws from the compositional techniques of his roots and subverts them with innovative recording techniques and sound design.

“A relaxed compositional framework leaves room for the serendipity of improvisation” says Jim “it facilitates a beautiful balance; music with purpose, music that breathes.

“Pools” combines gentle thematic constancy with delicate execution, and by selecting the timbral palette of a chamber ensemble, Jim was able to explore and finesse the limits of sound and expression. Headphones are encouraged to experience the detailed textures and layers within the music which play with spatial positioning of the instruments and sounds using binaural recording techniques. “I want the listener to feel as if they are in the room with these instruments and surrounded by sound” explains Perkins.

Jim’s work has been performed at The Institute of Contemporary Arts (London), The Turner Contemporary, The National Portrait Gallery and London’s South Bank Centre. His music has been broadcast on BBC Radio 3, Radio 6, NPR, WNYC and RTE. Pools is Jim’s third full length album following ‘Grains (2011) and “Constance” (2015).



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