[streaming] Laura Masotto – Our House Is On Fire

An urgency, an intimate explosion. The new single by Laura Masotto – out digitally November 29th via Lady Blunt Records – was inspired by the recent climatic situation giving voice to one of the most direct, essential truths: “Our House is on Fire”.

Our house burns, like our certainties. Her violin translates both the human sentiment in front of danger and the danger itself, the threat. From fragility to vehemence, from fear to resistance, from fight to oppression: all these feelings interwoven, creating a DNA of our times. These sensations condense into an almost mystical vortex, built thanks to a crescendo pattern that intersects the strong solidity of the violin. Like a human being trapped in the vortex of a larger entity, of an unstoppable force.

The electronic sounds, which are direct effects of the distorted violin, surround the sonorities of the instrument, they merge, as an opposite output deriving from the same source. An overwhelming duality that touches the human being in his intimate essence.

The track evolves through two opposing forces that seem to fight: the violin grows, explodes, as in a form of resistance, and it contrasts the electronic dissonances, arising from the instrument itself: it is a vertical ascent, which follows the delicate sense of balance that is formed between all things, in harmony.

The track is in fact a unique track, a hypnosis, a fire: it stands out in the silence like a tremendous and romantic incipit, which opens to the experimental future of a violinist able to treat her instrument with courage and talent.

This track came as a sort of epiphany. I have been very inspired by the incredible strength of Greta Thunberg and the power of her resistance. I see in this young woman the realisation of a solid resistance, the blossoming of a new hope. But despite the deeply moving feelings this new movement’s triggered in me, I couldn’t separate the fact that this is happening because we are already living in dark, critical times. It is already happening. This created a sort of duality in my mind, in which both light and dark are fighting each other, in a sort of perpetual motion. I wanted it out, as a statement on its own.’ – Laura Masotto



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