[streaming] Fassine – Limbs

New single by Fassine, just out on Trapped Animal Records & Cargo Records.

Cinematic pop creators Fassine return with ‘Limbs’, a typically dramatic and chaotic single that sees the London trio chart heavier, more aggressive waters.
With previous acclaim and support from the likes of The Guardian, The Independent, Giles Peterson, Clashand more, Fassine bring back their genre bending take on alternative electronic music, and it’s even bolder than before.

‘Limbs’ is replete with punishing, reverberating guitars, war cry howls and thunderous drums.

Of the track, Fassine say: “Limbs is the warfare waged over someone else’s well-being. The silence of the middle while all around are screaming.’’

While ‘Limbs’ possesses glimpses of the filmic and vivid qualities Fassine became famed for on ‘Gourami’ (2017) and Dialectik (2016), for the most part it shatters any preconceptions you had of the trio.

“One limb / give him two limbs / give him something / just wrap your heart around him’’ Sarah Palmer sings on the chorus, her macabre words perfectly complementing the apocalyptic backdrop.

“We try to create small vignettes of people’s lives, their flaws, their strengths, their beauty, their ugliness. We put ourselves in their world, look from their perspective and the songs are our own little plays. Every song we create is a different story tied together by people’s consistent inconsistencies”, the band added.

‘Limbs’ reveals just how comfortable the band are in this new skin.

Since their last release, Fassine have been busy on our screens, their XTC cover of ‘That Wave’ appeared on the Sky Arts documentary on the seminal band, This Is Pop. Their track ‘Whatever It Takes To Help You Sleep’ played as the backdrop to Netflix’s first feature film Velvet Buzzsaw, and their track ‘Leaves’ was featured on Oprah Winfrey’s Queen Sugar.



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