[streaming] Red Red Eyes – Where Has Everybody Gone?


Taken from “A Girl And A Gun: Lockdown”, a coda of the collection of new interpretations of James Bond movies songs, published as a celebration of the music of 007 by WIAIWYA (name your price download here).

From the label: “These are unprecedented times. 
Sometimes it feels like some evil mastermind, hell bent on world domination has – well, you know – just like a Bond film. The streets, pubs, venues and stadiums are empty, every day seems to last at least 28 hours, and we have no idea how long it will go on…

UK duo Red Red Eyes released their debut long player in 2018. The album is packed with cinematic drones and intricate twangs; a stylish shoegaze noir, or a Broadcast / Morricone / Gainsbourg soundtrack to an episode of Black Mirror.

Red Red Eyes are Laura McMahon and Xavier Watkins. While playing together in psychedelic outfit Violet Woods, they started working on McMahon’s songs, evoking the atmospheres of their shared cinematographic interests. The result is often dark and hypnotic, with McMahon’s (Betty & the Werewolves) soft vocals being echoed by Watkins’ (Fuzzy Lights) delicate guitar. Their first tape was released on Cambridge’s Meadows records on July 14, 2017. “Horology” was completed later in the year, and was quickly snapped up by London’s wiaiwya records (home of the Leaf Library, Freschard, the Great Electric and many many more).

If you like the idea of Tracey Thorn fronting the Banshees, Insides at their dreamiest, Pale Saints at their droniest, Lush at their spookiest, or Strawberry Switchblade at their most melancholy, then Red Red Eyes will be the band for you!



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